High-quality feed and products for agriculture and the feed industry.

Using natural, wheat-based raw materials, Crespeo develops products for agricultural enterprises and producers of feed. These include compound feed for livestock husbandry, products that supplement the daily feed rations as well as products that are used for producing liquid and dry feed. The feed serves as a source of flavour in addition to optimising the administration, e.g. regarding the homogeneity of the feed. Thanks to their high share of natural ingredients, the high availability of the ingredients and a high nutritional-physiological added value, Crespeo’s functional wheat-based products make an important contribution to ensuring the balanced and efficient feeding of fattening animals and livestock, in addition to adding more nature to the feed. Apart from contributing high energy and performance to the animal feed, Crespeo’s products improve the balance and acceptance of the feed.

Crespeo – Solutions for feeding livestock:

  • Compound feed and products to supplement feed rations
  • Natural, energy-rich livestock nutrition
  • High acceptance and preference when it comes to the feed
  • Partner of agricultural enterprises and the feed industry

One vision – two brands: C&D Petfood & Feed becomes Trigea and Crespeo!

You know C&D Petfood & Feed as a developer, producer and supplier of functional wheat-based products for the production of pet food and livestock feed, as well as high-quality wheat-based animal feed for agricultural enterprises. We have split C&D Petfood & Feed into two new brands so as to make our product range, service and products available to the various industries and customers in an even more targeted and effective manner. The Trigea brand has been created from our Petfood division, and the Crespeo brand has been created from our Feed division. The vision and objective of our work remain the same: providing pets and livestock with the high-quality, sustainable ingredients obtained from the natural raw material of wheat and thereby contributing to the animals‘ health, well-being and performance.

With its Crespovit® products, Crespeo now offers the feed industry and agricultural enterprises high-quality wheat-based products for their livestock.

Connected to nature: Crespeo – for more nature in feed.

Weizenbasierte Flüssigfuttermittel für die ausgewogene Ernährung von Schweinen | Crespel & Deiters

Producing high-quality food requires highest quality throughout the entire value chain. Apart from impacting factors such as genetics and management, animal feed plays a major role when it comes to the health and performance of livestock. Only high-quality feed can contribute to optimal animal nutrition. Thanks to its natural, wheat-based products, Crespeo contributes to nutrient-rich, healthy feeding of fattening animals and livestock, thereby ensuring their stable growth and optimal development. Crespeo produces high-quality and physiologically high-grade feeds as compound feed or as a supplement to the daily feed ration. Thanks to their good taste, optimised consistency and good digestibility, our liquid feeds are mainly used in the wet feeding of pigs and cattle. On the other hand, our swelling flour is used, e.g. as a stabiliser and easily-digestible carbohydrate and protein source in milk replacer products and prestarters

Using the natural ingredients of wheat, Crespeo develops high-quality wheat-based feed that creates an additional nutritional-physiological added value when it comes to the balanced and efficient nutrition of livestock.

  • Wheat extract: Protein-rich, liquid compound feed for pigs, as well as a liquid binder for the preparation of feed pellets.
  • Wheat starches (liquid): Wheat-based liquid feed for pigs, cattle and dairy cows.
  • Wheat starches (dry): Easily-digestible, wheat-based carbohydrate source with very good swelling properties, for use as a binder and stabiliser.
  • Wheat proteins: High-quality protein source for milk replacer and starter feed for rearing calves and piglets, as well as for special feed and feed pellets.
  • Pre-gelatinised wheat flours: Natural, wheat-based nutrient substitute in milk replacers, binding agent for feed pellets and separating agent/carrier for special feed.

With functional wheat-based products, Crespeo makes an important contribution to the feed industry for the nutrient-rich, sustainable feeding of livestock. Thanks to their natural ingredients, the wheat-based feed varieties are a valuable provider of nutrients and a source of flavour.

With its natural ingredients, the renewable raw material wheat provides the basis for the species-appropriate feeding of livestock. The wheat-based products made of wheat by-products in the starch industry not only add greater naturalness to the feed; they also serve to optimise the taste and the administration of the feed.

Crespeo as part of the Crespel & Deiters Group.

The Crespel & Deiters Group is one of the leading producers of wheat starches and wheat proteins in Europe. It produces high-quality, wheat-based raw materials. With these, its Loryma, C&D Corrugating & Paper, C&D Technical Applications, Trigea and Crespeo brands develop functional products and industry-specific solutions. The wheat-based products and solutions are used in the Food, Non-Food and Feed industry. They optimise the customers‘ end-consumer products from a wide variety of industries or create added value in production.

Crespeo is the brand of the Crespel & Deiters Group that is responsible for the development and production of sustainable, wheat-based feed for the feed industry and agricultre enterprises. Our functional wheat-based products are a valuable provider of nutritional value and flavour, in addition to making an important contribution to efficient livestock nutrition:

To the Crespel & Deiters Group

The Crespel & Deiters Group uses wheat flour to obtain the various high-quality raw materials such as wheat proteins, wheat starch, wheat extracts and wheat fibres. Within the course of sophisticated processes, these are refined into functional, wheat-based products at the Crespel & Deiters Group’s brand companies.

Efficient, competitively-priced feed with wheat-based products by Crespeo.

As part of the Crespel & Deiters Group, Crespeo can look back at many years of cooperation with agricultural enterprises and the feed industry. In so doing, Crespeo pursues a holistic approach when it comes to consultation, production and service. The customer is always at the heart of everything we do. The customer’s requirements regarding the feed, which is obtained from the functional products created on the basis of high-quality wheat by-products, constitute the basis of our work. This work takes into account the contents and the economic feasibility, as well as the process as such, and we ensure compliance with the high feed standards. We cooperate closely with our customers. When selecting products, we pay attention to the feed’s nutritional requirements as well as the technological specifications of the process. Not only do we supply high-quality compound feed; we additionally support the customer with competent consultation for the application in his company. For this, our consultants are on site and close to the customer. With high development and production standards, guaranteed GMO-free EU wheat and high feed safety, Crespeo ensures the high quality of raw materials, products and processes for the customer.

High standard of consultation expertise:

Sustainable performance-oriented feeding is one of the basic components of modern animal husbandry. The animals can only achieve the desired daily gains and performance with nutrient-rich and healthy feed. Thanks to their technological properties, the natural, highly-functional wheat-based products obtained from Crespeo’s wheat by-products, contribute to balanced feeding, while simultaneously supporting the production process. As an experienced producer in the starch industry, we stand by our customer’s side in a continuous consultation process, right from the outset.

Thanks to many years of experience and widely-based sector expertise, we have an in-depth understanding of our customers‘ products and their processes when it comes to producing feed. Honest, constructive cooperation, reliability, trust, and sound consultation are the essential pillars of our actions and stand for our long-term, cross-sector customer relationships.

High innovative capacity:

Crespeo’s knowledge regarding the performance of the raw material is the basis for developing functional wheat-based products for nutrient-rich, sustainable feeding of livestock. Thereby, as a long-standing producer in the starch industry, Crespeo offers a high level of expertise for agricultural enterprises and the feed industry.

Crespeo develops solutions from wheat-based raw materials that give the end-consumer product its desired functionality. Wheat is also a valuable provider of nutrients and, as such, offers additional nutritional value. Here, wheat-based raw materials provide energy and proteins for a great variety of feed, such as dry feed and wet feed. They support the animals‘ digestion and ensure the stability and texture of the end-consumer product. Thanks to its extensive experience in a number of different sectors, and Crespeo’s high competence when it comes to the development of innovative products for the manufacture of feed, all raw materials are customised to satisfy the customer’s needs.

High quality and safety:

Our constant endeavour to strive for quality already begins with the selection of the raw material. The Crespel & Deiters Group uses only EU wheat, at least 75% of which is cultivated in Germany for the production of the wheat-based raw materials. With these, Crespeo develops products and solutions for the healthy and balanced nutrition of livestock. This way, we guarantee that the plant-based raw material is GMO-free.

The efficiency of our production processes ensures that our products always maintain a high quality level. Through the accompanying quality assurance during the entire production process, we can also absorb the natural quality fluctuations of the natural raw material of wheat, and we deliver consistently reliable products, all of which comply with the currently applicable EU food and feed legislation. In addition, based on ISO 9001 for quality, ISO 14001 for the environment and ISO 22000 for food safety, Crespel & Deiters satisfies the highest requirements in terms of quality, environmental protection, sustainability, safety, and social responsibility.

Crespeo’s work for customers in the feed industry is characterised by a holistic approach. Our work is determined by the requirements of agricultural enterprises and the producers of feed. Not only do we provide high-quality solutions based on natural raw materials; we also support the application of these solutions and the individual applications of the wheat-based feed through competent consultation.

Crespovit®products by Crespeo for breeding, fattening and dairy farms, as well as for producers of feed.

Wheat is one of the oldest cultivated plants on earth. Having originated about 7000 b.C., it has remained an important staple food in many countries on earth to this very day. As is the case with people, animals also benefit from the wheat kernel’s valuable ingredients. High-quality wheat-based raw materials are created from the by-products obtained from the separation of wheat into its constituent parts. With these, Crespeo develops efficient, balanced and nutrient-rich products as well as compound feed that serve to supplement the daily feed ration for agricultural enterprises. We are a strong partner for the feed industry when it comes to the development and optimisation of new products that have to be adapted to the customer’s production processes. Our consultants go to the customer’s site to provide support and secure the product’s success.

Wheat-based products for producers of feed:

We offer producers of feed sustainable products for balanced, healthy livestock feed. For the production of sustainable, nutrient-rich feed, the Crespovit® product portfolio offers the feed industry functional, wheat-based products to optimise both production and the end-consumer product. Whether used as a binder, stabiliser or high-quality source of nutrients – with Crespovit® products by Crespeo you produce more economically, qualitatively and sustainably.

Crespovit® Starch (wheat starch)

Essential properties
  • High swelling behaviour (cold-swelling)
  • Water absorption capacity is individually adjustable
  • High binding and thickening properties
  • Broken down, it provides a quickly available source of carbohydrates
  • Improvement of juiciness and minimum shelf life
  • Stabilisation and homogenisation of solutions
Application examples
  • Binder for feed pellets
  • Carrier/separating agent for special feed
  • Stabiliser in milk replacers and pre-starters

Crespovit® Flour (pre-gelatinised wheat flours)

Essential properties
  • Rapidly available carbohydrates and proteins
  • Good binding (also with challenging raw materials)
  • Stabilisation of fat-containing systems
  • High solubility and stirrability
Application examples
  • Natural source of carbohydrates and protein in milk substitutes and pre-starters
  • Binder for feed pellets
  • Carrier/separating agent for special feed

Crespovit® Protein (wheat protein)

Essential properties
  • High solubility
  • Easily digestible
  • High nutritional value (protein content > 80 %)
  • Low ash content
Application examples
  • Natural protein source in milk substitutes and pre-starters

Wheat-based products for agricultural enterprises:

We offer agricultural enterprises natural, safe products for the feeding of cattle, dairy cows and pigs. For cattle breeding, dairy farms and pig fattening, the Crespovit® product portfolio offers producers natural, high-quality wheat-based products with maximum acceptance for livestock feeding. With the functional Crespovit® products by Crespeo you feed sustainably, in a high-quality, economically-feasible manner and 100% GMO-free.

Crespovit® Extract (liquid compound feed)

Essential properties
  • Solely plant-based liquid feed production
  • Gently fermented and concentrated
  • High-quality and physiologically valuable compound feed
  • Contains important protein, crude fibres and pentosans, as well as lactic acid from fermentation
  • Broken down, starch offers rapid and easily-digestible energy
  • Appetising
  • Homogenisation effect
  • High binding and thickening properties
Application examples
  • Liquid compound feed for pigs

Crespovit® Starch (wheat starch, liquid)

Essential properties
  • High share of starch
  • Energy-containing liquid feed
  • Contains highly-digestible protein, raw fibres and pentosans
Application examples
  • Compound feeding stuff for pigs

Crespovit® Intermix (liquid feed)

Essential properties
  • Energy-rich liquid feed
  • Optimum nutrient supply, with reduced nutrient discharge into groundwater
  • Optimum supply with carbohydrates
  • Rapidly available energy for cattle
Application examples
  • Energy feed for cattle
  • Enrichment of feed rations with starch

Applications of our functional, wheat-based products and feed:

Weizenbasierte Flüssigfuttermittel für die bekömmliche Ernährung von Rindern aus Nebenprodukten der Weizenvermahlung | Crespel & Deiters

Optimum nutrient supply of cattle with wheat-based feed:

Being a wheat-based liquid feed, Crespovit® Intermix contains easily-digestible carbohydrates. They are mainly broken down in the rumen, meaning they provide the cattle with energy that is rapidly available. If Crespovit® Intermix is mixed into the basic feed, this energy can be utilised to the greatest possible degree. In addition, Crespovit® Intermix ensures optimal animal care in nutrient supply and avoids funnel formation and selection on the feeding table.

Optimum nutrient supply of pigs with wheat-based feed:

Crespovit® Extract und Crespovit® Starch ensure balanced, nutrient-reduced feeding, while at the same time complying with environmental regulations such as the Fertiliser Ordinance. The wheat-based liquid feeds offer great acceptance of the feed and a high nutritional value in pigs‘ nutrition.

Optimum nutrient supply of young animals with wheat-based milk substitutes:

Crespovit® Flour is a natural, wheat-based nutrient substitute used in milk substitutes for rearing calves, piglets and lambs. As such, it offers numerous nutritional benefits. The broken down starch is a highly-digestible nutrient for the young animals. The pre-gelatinised flours allow rapid energy intake, so that the animals‘ development and daily gains are increased.

Easily-digestible wheat proteins for calves and piglets in milk substitutes and starter feed:

Crespovit® Protein is a high-quality source of protein for milk exchanges and starter feed for rearing calves and piglets. The easily-digestible, highly-soluble wheat proteins have a positive influence on the young animals‘ intestinal health. With a high protein content of 82%, Crespovit® Protein is also an ideal protein source in special feeds and feed pellets.

Balanced nutrition of livestock with wheat-based feed:

With high-quality, wheat-based feed, Crespeo makes an important contribution to balanced and efficient feeding of fattening animals and livestock. Are you interested in the possibilities offered by our products and are looking for solutions for high-quality, economical and efficient feeding? Then write to us or give us a call! We are happy to advise you, comprehensively and quickly.

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