High-quality feed and products for agriculture and the feed industry.

Using natural, wheat-based raw materials, Crespeo develops products for agricultural enterprises and producers of feed. These include compound feed for livestock husbandry, products that supplement the daily feed rations as well as products that are used for producing liquid and dry feed. The feed serves as a source of flavour in addition to optimising the administration, e.g. regarding the homogeneity of the feed. Thanks to their high share of natural ingredients, the high availability of the ingredients and a high nutritional-physiological added value, Crespeo’s functional wheat-based products make an important contribution to ensuring the balanced and efficient feeding of fattening animals and livestock, in addition to adding more nature to the feed. Apart from contributing high energy and performance to the animal feed, Crespeo’s products improve the balance and acceptance of the feed.

Crespeo – Solutions for feeding livestock:

  • Compound feed and products to supplement feed rations
  • Natural, energy-rich livestock nutrition
  • High acceptance and preference when it comes to the feed
  • Partner of agricultural enterprises and the feed industry

One vision – two brands: C&D Petfood & Feed becomes Trigea and Crespeo!

You know C&D Petfood & Feed as a developer, producer and supplier of functional wheat-based products for the production of pet food and livestock feed, as well as high-quality wheat-based animal feed for agricultural enterprises. We have split C&D Petfood & Feed into two new brands so as to make our product range, service and products available to the various industries and customers in an even more targeted and effective manner. The Trigea brand has been created from our Petfood division, and the Crespeo brand has been created from our Feed division. The vision and objective of our work remain the same: providing pets and livestock with the high-quality, sustainable ingredients obtained from the natural raw material of wheat and thereby contributing to the animals’ health, well-being and performance.

With its Crespovit® products, Crespeo now offers the feed industry and agricultural enterprises high-quality wheat-based products for their livestock.

Connected to nature: Crespeo – for more nature in feed.

Weizenbasierte Flüssigfuttermittel für die ausgewogene Ernährung von Schweinen | Crespel & Deiters

Producing high-quality food requires highest quality throughout the entire value chain. Apart from impacting factors such as genetics and management, animal feed plays a major role when it comes to the health and performance of livestock. Only high-quality feed can contribute to optimal animal nutrition. Thanks to its natural, wheat-based products, Crespeo contributes to nutrient-rich, healthy feeding of fattening animals and livestock, thereby ensuring their stable growth and optimal development. Crespeo produces high-quality and physiologically high-grade feeds as compound feed or as a supplement to the daily feed ration. Thanks to their good taste, optimised consistency and good digestibility, our liquid feeds are mainly used in the wet feeding of pigs and cattle. On the other hand, our swelling flour is used, e.g. as a stabiliser and easily-digestible carbohydrate and protein source in milk replacer products and prestarters.

Using the natural ingredients of wheat, Crespeo develops high-quality wheat-based feed that creates an additional nutritional-physiological added value when it comes to the balanced and efficient nutrition of livestock.